Nebraska Gambling and Available Help

Nebraska Gambling and Available Help

Gambling can be a fun and enjoyable form of entertainment for a lot of people when done responsibly. It’s exciting when you put money in a slot machine, pull the arm, and hear an alarm for winning the jackpot. It’s also thrilling when you bet money on blackjack or poker and end up with a lot of cash.

While there’s no denying that gambling can be a whole lot of fun, sometimes gambling can become problematic. In fact, gambling can become addictive, which can lead to a whole host of issues. If you live in Nebraska and have compulsive gambling behaviors, how can you get the help you need?

Nebraska Gambling and Available Help

If you or someone you care about in Nebraska is struggling with gambling, keep reading for useful information.

Why is Gambling Addictive?

Like any other addiction, gambling can become a serious problem, the results of which can be disastrous. Individuals who develop a gambling addiction can end up falling into serious debt or damage their personal relationships with family members, and friends.

It can take control over all your time and money and even affect your mental health. Gambling disorders contribute to other addictions such as substance abuse or alcohol or drug issues.

But why is gambling addictive? The following are some of the top factors that contribute to gambling addiction, according to psychologists.

The High

Do you know that feeling you get when you place money down on a card game or into a lottery scratch-off machine and then discover that you won? It can be equated to a high, and some people enjoy that high feeling so much that they end up chasing it so that they can continue experiencing it over and over again, much like an illicit drug. It’s the brain’s reward system.


Many gamblers feel as if they have the game under control. After they win a few times, they feel as if they have the ability to control the outcome. As such, they continue gambling, not realizing that the fact that they won was just a matter of chance.


Gambling can create a sense of hope; especially for those going through hard times. For instance, if someone is having financial problems such as credit card debt, gambling might feel like a solution. The hope that they have placed in gambling can eventually make placing wagers a bigger problem.

Where Can You Get Help?

If you or someone you love has developed a problem with gambling in the state of Nebraska, take comfort in knowing that free and confidential help is available.

The Nebraska Problem Gamblers Assistance Program offers counseling, which is provided by trained, licensed counselors. Nebraska pays for counseling for problem gamblers and their families if they live in the state.

Taking responsibility for a problem is the first step toward obtaining the necessary help. Once you acknowledge the problem, the Nebraska Problem Gamblers Assistance Program can be a beneficial resource for treatment services.

You can also find SELF HELP RESOURCES from the National Council on Problem Gambling.

The Nebraska Gamblers Assistance Program helps people reduce their gambling and has been very helpful to those who use it. Approximately 78 percent of the participants managed to decrease their gambling debts.

If you or a loved one are affected by problem gambling in Nebraska, contact the Nebraska Gamblers Assistance Program. Call 1-833-BETOVER (1-833-238-6837) or visit

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