Lottery Tickets May Not Be A Good Holiday Gift For All

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There’s almost no other part of the year at which the lottery is more popular than the holidays. This is because many people believe that lottery tickets are a great holiday gift idea. Oftentimes people will either ‘gift’ a lottery ticket to themselves, or buy their loved ones and friends the gift of a chance to win big during the holiday season. But what can go wrong with lottery tickets, and what can go wrong even when it goes right and someone wins a jackpot? Keep reading to learn more.

Lottery Tickets May Not Be A Good Holiday Gift For All

Here’s your look at why lottery tickets may not be a good holiday gift for all – even in the case where someone wins the big prize!

‘Tis the Season (To Play the Lottery)

There’s just something about the holidays that makes you want to give a little – or give a lot. Lottery tickets give someone the gift of potentially winning big. Will their lottery tickets hold the winning numbers? You never know!

There’s truly no way to know the outcome, and that’s why people still play the lottery today. Holidays make the lottery more popular, and a lot more people play… But should you buy a ticket for someone else as a gift?

For The Love of Lottery

We all love the idea that we might win something; the people that don’t, have probably never actually won something! The lottery is usually a cash prize, though sometimes it can also be a huge draw for a high-value item such as a vehicle. This is why some say it makes for a perfect gift during the holiday season.

But does it really make a good gift?

We say no.

The Idea Counts

People usually say that it’s the idea that counts… But this isn’t necessarily true if you’re just giving someone a lottery ticket, now is it? Gambling at least gives people the idea of a fun day out, but the lottery is probability without all the fun and lights that a casino might have offered up (and it’s certainly not as social as a poker game).

Why the heck would anyone go and do that?

If you really think about it, lottery tickets aren’t the best gift when the holiday hits: not for others, and certainly not for yourself!

How Lottery Tickets Go Wrong

Lottery tickets aren’t a great gift at face value, but let’s talk about the multitude of ways in which lottery tickets can go wrong as a gift.

The amount of money that you spend on lottery tickets will almost never match what you ‘earn’ unless you hit the jackpot. Yes, while that’s possible, it’s also a probability that’s well into the millions for most.

It’s more likely that someone will get the gift of a lightning strike, than that they are going to win the lottery over the holidays. Hey, nobody said the truth was going to be pretty.

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How Losing the Lottery Goes Wrong

If they don’t win the lottery on the 200 lottery tickets that you bought them, don’t you think they would have preferred to get an Amazon gift card? The truth is that most people would enjoy gift cards more than lottery tickets, so spend your money on better things.

If they lose, they’ll blame you (and if they win and lose the ticket, they’ll also blame you).

Just skip the lottery tickets and find a more thoughtful gift instead.

How Winning the Lottery Can Go Wrong

A lot of people who have won the lottery have described it as a curse, and something they wish hadn’t happened. Winning a large lottery jackpot means that you are responsible to pay more in taxes and that you have money to either spend or invest. Most people just pick to spend until their upkeep costs have become too much.

Even though it seems great, even a big win isn’t all the chicken dinner that you’d think it is.

Warning Signs of Gambling Addiction

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