How To Find A Local Mental Health Counselor

Local Mental Health Counselor

If you are struggling with a mental health condition, you may reach a point where you decide to seek help from a mental health counselor. However, you might find it challenging to find the right counselor to talk to. There are several aspects that you need to consider when choosing a counselor in your local area. Finding a local mental health counselor who is a good fit takes more than an online search. If you are wondering how you can find a reputable local mental health counselor, below are some of the best guidelines to help you.

How To Find A Local Mental Health Counselor in Omaha

Gather Referrals

If you have health insurance, you can begin by calling your insurance provider. Ask them for counselors in your area who will accept your insurance plan. You can also use your network of relatives and friends to find good counselors in your area. In addition, most non-profit mental health organizations and churches have several mental health programs.

Seeking help from people who run non-profit programs enables you to easily find the best local counselor. However, if you are not comfortable speaking with close friends or family members, you can talk with other members of your community. For instance, you can talk with local mental health workers, social workers, spiritual advisors, and nurses. These people will be able to tell you about the mental health association, a local hospital department, or a social service agency where you can get help from a mental health professional.

Use Resources at Work

Many places of employment have what’s called an Employee Assistance Program (EAP). These services might be in-house or out-sourced. However, the purpose of EAPs is to provide emotional support and counseling for employees. This is typically done in complete privacy and can be part of an employee benefits package. EAPs are often part of the Human Resource department so ask there if your company has an EAP and how to access it. Usually, you would see a counselor at the EAP for a set number of sessions (no charge to you) and if you want to continue they will refer you to a therapist in the community who will take your insurance.


Before you meet your local area counselor, you should try to find their credentials. In particular, you can find out their education level and if they have licenses. The previous experience of the counselor in counseling patients with mental illness is also another aspect you should consider. If a counselor is licensed, you can ask them to provide you a number that you can use to verify if the information given is correct. On the contrary, if a counselor tells you that they have a license but appears upset when you ask for information to verify, you should know that they are not genuine. Even if one is licensed, such an attitude should inform you that the counselor is not the best one that you can work with.


Attempting to get sessions with a mental health counselor can only add to your anxiety and stress levels when you cannot afford the expected fees. If your health care insurance does not provide coverage for mental health counseling services, you still have other options. For instance, you can consider mental health counselors who provide a sliding scale for their fees. Such a process will base your session’s cost on your income, making it affordable to attend the counseling sessions. If you are part of a religious organization that provides mental health counseling sessions, you can attend those.

Talk to your primary care physician

When searching for the best mental health counselor, your family doctor can be of great help. In this case, you can explain to the doctor about your mental issues and they will offer recommendations of the best counselors who can offer you proper help.

Age and Sex

Mental health counseling encompasses sharing most of your life details. Therefore, age can be of great consideration. You can consider if you would wish to reveal all the issues that you are facing to someone who is around your age, younger or older than you. You should also consider if you will be most comfortable talking to a man or woman.

Consider your mental health illness

When searching for a local mental counselor, you should consider your condition that you wish to be addressed. When doing research, you will come across licensed clinical social workers, psychologists and psychiatrists. All of these licensed professionals can provide you mental health counseling. However, they have varying levels of education and types of counseling they offer. For instance, a psychiatrist can prescribe medication after counseling you but a licensed clinical social worker cannot. If you are suffering a mental illness because you recently lost your loved one, you can benefit by looking for a local grief counselor. On contrary, if you are struggling with anxiety, you can look for a counselor who specializes in anxiety counseling. If you are in a toxic relationship that has contributed to your mental condition and you wish to amend that, you can look for a couple’s counselor.

One of the critical elements in finding the best mental health counselor is effectively talking to them about your condition. You should also consider affordability, and if your counselor can find answers to your mental condition. Talk to a counselor who can help manage your mental health issues to live a productive life.

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